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The Princess and the Secret of the Dragon

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It's time for a new farytale - this time the princess saves the prince!

A new theatrical production  for Children an their parents from age 6 and up. 


The sophisticated production takes place on a large stage, with a cast of 14 actors and actresses, and combines first-class acting and choreography with stunning set design and costumes, and powerful original music.


The play tells the story of Princess Althea, who embarks on a journey to rescue her prince after he falls over the wall that protects their Kingdom from a dangerous dragon. It's a gripping and inspiring play with important messages about facing our fears and seeking the truth.


Princess Althea is nothing like the passive princesses whom we usually meet in children’s theater and literature in Israel. She does not wait around to be saved by a prince. She takes charge of her own life, overcoming her fears, and using her courage, intelligence, and leadership skills to save her whole town (and her prince). As such, she is a positive role model for Israeli boys and girls throughout the country.


The play premiered at the prestigious Tel Aviv Museum of Art in July (12,13 and 14). and received rave reviews from the audience.

Photos by Yossi Zwecker

Creator and director: Yael Slor

Creative partner: Dana Eizen

Playwright: Inbal Gantzer

Dramaturgical consultant: Merav Shaked
Composer: Dana Eizen
Costume and set designer: Dalit Inbar
Choreographer: Mor Leedor

Lighting designer: Yair Segal
Production manager: Nadav Slor

Executive and impact producer: Gila Orkin

Co-producer: Rachel Canar

Cast list, listed alphabetically: Doron Rechlis, Hadas Reinwald, Tal Idisis, Igal Salkovsky, Yaniv Segal, Yishay Ben Moshe, Merav Tsabari, Noa Frumerman, Inbar Hala, Karine Koret-Hoffman, Shalina Tsfania, Tamir Baider, Tamar Even-Chen, Tamar Malachy. 

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign and the premiere at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in July 2018, we plan to perform the play at community centres, theatres, and schools throughout the country, including those in the periphery. Our aim is to reach thousands of Israeli girls and boys (aged 7-14 years old), and inspire them with our strong and positive female role model. 


If you are interested in bringing our play to your community, or if you would like to support this important production and enhance its reach and impact, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email to:

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