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from the show god's girlfriends

An expression which defines a black, neutral, and generic performance space.

Its unlimited potential enables us to infuse it with content and forms without being constrained by usual conventions.


Black Box is an independent, multi-disciplinary association of female stage artists. The group’s independence is essential to creating art that is unrestricted, free from outside influence, and committed to its message, as challenging as it might be.


We see our role as a social one. We create productions that take a stand with respect to the reality in which they exist and in the context of the political-gender arena. We ground our work in the belief that the inspiring act of creation is a force for advancing society, in all its elements and strata.

Our main interest lies in challenging local and universal narratives and society-building stories, which validate and support the existing social order and perpetuate the marginalization of excluded groups. By identifying commonly held assumptions and exposing what lies beneath the obvious and the trivial, we call on the audience, both women and men, to break free of restrictive perceptions and pave a way to an independent understanding of their own, which can have a decisive influence in effecting social change.


Black Box creates content and language that intertwine into a unified statement and which subvert the standing held by written text as the dominant basis of stage production. Granting equal importance to the many components of the medium – music, movement, lighting, performance – creates a production that goes beyond the words, overflows with stimuli, is dynamic, influenced by the rapid pace of life, and speaks to the audience in contemporary language.


This is an invitation to journey uncharteredinto territory, to join us in feeling and thinking outside of the box – with all the risk and excitement that this entails.



BLACKBOX is an independent theatre group comprised of female artists and directed by Yael Slor. We are driven by our passion for theatre and our commitment to social change and the promotion of gender equality. Our shows have been performed for over 20,000 people across Israel and have been nominated for numerous awards. 

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