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"Mona Lisa Has a Moustache" charts the thoughts and feelings experienced by a young girl

discovering her sexual identity.

The performance reveals that which is hidden within the LGBT soul in a hetero-normative society which (still) sends out hidden and open messages that homosexuality should be repressed.

The performance communicates the fluctuations in the protagonist’s subjective consciousness through movement, rhythmic music, and visual imagery, all of which appeal to the audience’s senses and intuition.

Photos by Sapir Ben Ami

“I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” the playbill quotes Hermann Hesse. Hadar Baruch, who plays the lead, yearns also for this expression. In the interim we are left with an impressive chaos."

Ophir Hillel,

Creator and director: yael slor
Playwright : Yaara Reshef-Nahor

Dramaturgical consultantInbal Gantzer
Composer: Dana Eizen
Costume and set designer: Dalit Inbar
Producer: Roni Bahat
Producer : Nadav Slor


First staged at the Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater


Performing at the Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv.


Received a grant from the "Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts"


Received a grant from the Mifal HaPais Prizes for the Arts

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